Why Twitter is expanding to 10,000 characters and what it means to your business.

Why Twitter is expanding to 10,000 characters and what it means to your business.

Twitter expands to 10,000 characters means content marketing will become more complex

Posted 01/24/2016 – I am sure many of you heard that Twitter is Twitter is becoming a walled garden when it expands to 10,000 characters in 2016expanding to 10,000 characters from the basic 144 (less if you have links and images in your tweet).

Maybe Twitter is important to your business today, or maybe it is a channel that your target audience ignores at the moment. The move by Twitter is part of a larger movement by publishers to create “walled gardens” to better control what content is posted and also increase revenue by opening up millions, neh, billions of new ad impressions on now native content.

So even if Twitter isn’t on your radar, you may want to be aware of something that is: content marketing. It is content, be it an image, an animated .gif, a video, a white paper, a podcast or an infographic or any other format you can dream of, and it is how the world finds your company online.

Google has gotten smarter and they return results based on relevancy of content to your search. They are also noticing what device you are on and tailoring content to the device as well as what you asked.

So the only way Google (which owns 80% of all searches – even higher on mobile) knows how to answer is by your company feeding it highly relevant content.

Now, Twitter and FB want to wall off content and use it for their own purposes. So Twitter isn’t changing the basic 144 character message, it IS changing that the content that you link to presently can now be housed on Twitter’s servers in its own content cloud library. Then it can become a search engine as well and also have its results show up in Google’s and other search engine results.

As more social channels catch on to this and their audiences swell to large populations, this trend will continue, and your company will need to be prepared to repurpose (as most will not want duplicated content). So while Twitter is expanding to 10,000 characters today, it will be any publisher with an audience that will be looking to house your content but under their rules.

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