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Wells Fargo Smackdown on Continuity and Rebills – What’s Ahead in CPA

Thanks to Ruck at’s blog post for alerting the industry about Wells Fargo departing the rebills/continuity/negative option billing.Make sure to read the entire story on Ruk’s blog on what is happening with continuity in the performance and affiliate marketing

Partnerka – This Is Sophisticated Online Affiliate Fraud at It’s Dirtiest

I was not aware of Sophos Security Software until a week or two ago.  And I only became aware of it because I found an interesting article on Russian fraud rings operating under the “Canadian Pharmacy” banner. The owner of

Publishers: Beware of The Long Arm of The Law

If You Promote Non-Compliant Campaigns – You Could Be The One Hauled Into Court Recently, a disturbing development has shaken the already unstable footing of the online Publisher (or do you say Affiliate). The Attorney General (AG) for the State

The State of CPA – A Report Covering CPA Network Distribution Trends for Advertisers, Networks and Publishers.

  Over the past 12 years I have seen a lot of things change on the Internet. A Lot. And if you believe in leprechauns and imaginary pots of gold, well there is a whole section waiting for you in

Illinois Attorney General Cracks Down On Affiliates Using Deceptive Practices

Recently, I received a stellar letter from Azoogle Ad Network (AZN) regarding their stance on the current state of litigation occurring on our industry. Here is an excerpt: �The Illinois State Attorney General�s Office, Oprah Winfrey, and Dr. Oz have