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When Will Performance Marketing Grow Up?

When Will Performance Marketing Grow Up?

Performance marketing is experiencing a growth spurt, but a few players would like to see it remain in diapers. As with any industry, maturity takes discipline and a consortium of players to self regulate and set standards by which

The Insider Game – Building The Perfect CPA Campaign for Advertisers

Are you pissed? I am. For the past several years, after I sold my shares in the company I started back in ’97, SK Intertainment (the owners of the wildy popular I looked around for the next hottest trend.

PPC.BZ Releases New Single: Bye Bye American Acai

I have been following for a while.  Good stuff for hardcore pubs.  They recently released what I feel is about as close to an epitath for Acai as there is. Birdman has recorded a rough mix of the Classic

Is Online Continuity Billing Dead?

Continuity Billing Can Be a Viable Option For Advertisers As if the credit card gods needed any more power, their latest napalm like sweep of the continuity billing space would make even Attila the Hun blush. Not that I am against

Wells Fargo Smackdown on Continuity and Rebills – What’s Ahead in CPA

Thanks to Ruck at’s blog post for alerting the industry about Wells Fargo departing the rebills/continuity/negative option billing.Make sure to read the entire story on Ruk’s blog on what is happening with continuity in the performance and affiliate marketing