LinkedIn for Business Social Networking – Marketing and Sales

Recently I have been writing a few posts on my blog at the hugely popular real estate focused site I have been exploring the different ways that LinkedIn connects real estate agents with their commercial and possibly residential clients.

The first post on introduced real estate agents looking to increase their connections to using LinkedIn for their business. I reviewed how LinkedIn can give them an edge on their competition simply by using their existing network of friends clients and family to start making more sales.

My second post, focused on using LinkedIn Groups to drive more commercial sales. You can read it here:

Today I received a note from LinkedIn that they have a resource center online for maximizing your use of LinkedIn. Never knew they had this for internet marketers or any company looking to increase their reach to their target market.

You can find the resource center here:

I will be poking around on this for some time looking for another way to use LinkedIn for social networking for business’. If you are already using LinkedIn for business and have a success story you would like to share, let me know and I will be glad to post it up.

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