Net Neutrality Video – Don’t Let The Dingo Eat The Baby

Net Neutrality Video – Don’t Let The Dingo Eat The Baby

Repealing Net Neutrality Is Your Worst Nightmare – Here’s Why…

Watch this net neutrality video and maybe you’ll get a clue on what the cable companies are trying to do to your access to online content.  This video is absolutely funny, but also absolutely true. When Obama put the head of the cable companies lobbying organization, Tom Wheeler, as the new head of the FCC,  as the video suggests, that’s like hiring a dingo to be a babysitter (Please don’t eat my baby).

John Oliver is spot on when he says, if you want do something evil, make it boring.  This is why you aren’t seeing it reported on the news, because the cable companies A) don’t want your opinion and B) if they make it boring enough no one will want to watch it.

Net Neutrality CANNOT happen.  What it represents is a barrier to entry for truly innovative ideas.  If net neutrality happens, it will give the Comcast’s, the Cox’s and the Time Warner’s of the world the power to unlevel the playing field and take back what the net has given to the world, namely taking away the power from companies like these.

So watch this video, and for God’s sake, not even for God, for every cat video and dancing baby clip, for every startup and entrepreneur, born today or tomorrow, for every Tweeter and Pinster, for every freedom you hold dear, stand up and let the FTC know what a crock of crap scrapping net neutrality would be. (That is, if like China, they don’t ban free speech altogether at the FTC now that it is headed by the man who used to get his paycheck from the very companies that are now fighting to restrict the speed at which you receive your online content).

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