epMotion YouTube B2B Social Campaign: Internet Marketing Done Right

Eppendorf,  a 346 million German biotech company,

released aviral video on YouTube entitled “It’s called epMotion” and it parodies

boy bands but with a biotech twist. Marketing in the dry

world of biotech instruments made history with lyrics such as “DNA,

RNA, Protein, cell cultures, less free agents, faster workflow saves

you money well, well, well”. Well maybe it’s not 2 All Beef

Patties, but it is an excellent use of social media – 81,870 views

since June 02, 2008. Not bad for a company that makes

pippeting machines and conducts stem cell research.

Make sure you visit the site. It could actually use to highlight the video better as well as do a better job at getting more newsletter/white paper signups (i.e. prospects). Overall the site is a very good example of a well done lead generation sitewhen it comes to moving products. You have to give it up for anyone who can design a CentrifugeConfigurator.

epMotion’s Holger Eggert, Product Manager for Eppendorf says “The feedback from

the scientific community has been fantastic. As well as featuring ineditorials, including nature.com and nationalgeographic.com, there have been countless positive comments about the video in newsgroup posts.” Maybe this will inspire other B2B social

campaigns. We’ll keep you posted.

Thanks to BizMediaScience blog for this find.

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