Offeratti CPA Network Launches 2nd Tier Bonus Program at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas 2009

It’s Official, I have launched what is my most ambitious project to date. I have launched a new CPA Network – The Offeratti Network.

I finally took the plunge after playing on the outside for the last 6 years I have spent in mainstream online marketing and have decided to open my own CPA marketing network and advertising agency. I have been engaging IM guru’s over the past several months

to get me their best performing campaigns whipped into shape for distribution among affiliates and networks. These are names like Shawn CaseyJustin BlakeYanik Silver and many others that have confirmed their involvement as Merchants for Business Opportunity niche offers.

It seems this economy has taken it’s toll on many a launch list’s performance, as well as the lack of funds most consumers are experiencing, which makes for a perfect timing

to go downmarket with solid content. In essence we are widening the net for these giants on Internet Marketing.

In addition, there are many solid offers that perform in other media’s and sales channels, but have not been ale to gain success in online marketing channels. These offers are perfect for the type of split testing machine we have been building to optimize our own in-house Biz Opp offers. So the network offerings will be a split between Offeratti’s own in house MONK (see below) built exclusives and exclusive third party advertiser offerings.

Offeratti was developed from the ground up to be a different performance network. Unlike some of the competition, here’s what you can expect when you are approved as an offeratti publisher:

  • No Tiered Payouts on Downsells – Always Get Full Commission
  • Live Dynamic Custom Split Testing – You Get the Highest ConvertingControl at ALL Times.
  • Custom Landing Pages Tailored to Specific Marketing Channels (i.e. PPC, eMail, Banners, International, etc.)
  • On Time Payouts
  • Top Biz Opp Offers from The Most Successful Internet Marketers

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. What really makes us different is our dedication to building, testing and tweaking, which is done by our MONKS.

These MONKS of the Offeratti are our

  • Monetizing
  • Optimizing
  • New offer
  • Keepers

They are the reason our offers convert and why Publishers can trust that the Monks of the Offeratti are working every day to improve the quality of conversions.

Our Monks even have a jingle, take a listen here.

All the marketing hype aside, they represent our commitment to making Offeratti a truly Publisher centric network, that you can count on for top performing campaigns and a willingness to go the extra mile to ensure profitability for both Publisher and Merchant. This is the only way I have seen success in my 25 years of marketing.

I hope that you will contact me at jim @ offeratti DOT com during the Affiliate Summit West show in Las Vegas to sit down and discuss how we can make money together.

For the initial launch of the network, I wanted to do something special for those publishers (and advertisers with lists) who help us get moving quickly.

BONUS OFFER: I am offering a limited time 12.5% 2nd tier (until 2/15/09) for all 2nd tier relationships. Send me an email to find out how to qualify.

Just sign up at HERE.


Jim Lillig


The Offeratti Network

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