The Power of a Phone Call and Affiliate Marketing

Last night I was doing my normal routine of answering hundreds of emails and working on multiple projects at the same time, in general staying up way too late for most people who are not meth freaks. But one of the tasks that I enjoy the best in the wee hours is reviewing new affiliates’ applications to my network, Offeratti. Particularly when they are from countries you know it is daytime, so you have a good chance of getting them on the phone.

I am usually inundated with affiliate applications for Offeratti, we have some great offers and a very loyal base of existing publishers who spread the word for us (we really appreciate that). But when it comes to publishers who participate in affiliate marketing who are not from the US or Canada, more often than not, they are rejected by CPA networks because of their location with little or no consideration of their talents or ability to convert on offers. I have to admit, I too have succumbed to this method at times. Simply because the ratio of legitimate foreigh applications I get to those who are blatantly fraudulent is astounding. Something on the order of 5% are legit, so you can see how one can get jaded.

I personally review every affiliate application that comes in to, and in most cases make an outbound call to review their application with them as well as how the Offeratti Publisher Support Monks can best maximize their profit by understanding how each affiliate drives traffic. It allows us to have ZERO fraudulent activity on our network, so the extra effort on the front end is well worth it to avoid fraud issues that can be very costly in terms of time and lost revenue.

So last night, when I saw an application come from Thailand (a known hot bed of fraud), I was tempted to to simply deny the application on just their location. But being the eternal optimist, and also the fact that the application actually had a decent website attached to it, I decided to use Skype at 1 AM and call Thailand (where it was noon already). As it turns out, it was one of the more profitable calls I made all day.

You see, the affiliate had never had anyone from any network call him – EVER! This was a real opportunity to relate to this new affiliate how Offeratti is different in many ways from other CPA networks in terms of how we treat our affiliate and our advertisers. We really do want to be the Zappos of CPA Networks, at least in putting customer service first. We spent an hour on the phone reviewing how we could work together. He related to me that he has a team of people who are dedicated to “old school” techniques of online marketing. Namely SEO and PPC, with a good amount of email thrown in for good measure. I was able to help guide him to the offers that would work best for his traffic, as well as make a list of resources that we will supply his team with to better market our Exclusive campaigns.

I must have done something right, because his blog post today at also got several more affiliates to seek out Offeratti and sign up. If I had simply taken the usual route and not gone the extra step to personally call this affiliate, I would not have been able to make a new friend across the globe, but I also would have turned my back on someone who has the potential to add hundreds of sales a month to our numbers. I have always believed that even in a wired world, it still comes down to people, no matter how hard computers keep trying to remove us from the equation. Pick up a phone and talk to someone.

And last but not least, Happy Birthday to a great friend and incredible marketer, Perry Belcher. Have a few on me buddy – see you in Austin real soon.


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