CPA Advertiser Best Resources To Stop Online Fraud

As a long time CPA trench worker, on both the advertiser and publisher side of the bench, I have noticed that many advertisers do not particularly take the precautions that they should when operating in an online environment. Particularly when it comes to CPA network distribution.

I have compiled a few of my favorite links that advertisers should find useful to protect themselves against fraud at every stage of the buying process. Because all online merchants have to deal with card-not-present transactions, they also have to strike a balance between fraud and cancellation rates.

The article located here will give you an idea of some of the factors using AVS (Address Verification Services) alone, will not be enough in today’s online environment. If you take transactions online you will want to read this document from

I also urge you to review the Merchants Risk Council. Their Mission, as stated on their website as follows:

The Merchant Risk Council (MRC) is a merchant-led trade association focused on electronic commerce risk and payments globally. We lead industry networking, education and advocacy programs to make electronic commerce more efficient, safe and profitable.

I have found it an invaluable resource for looking into topics ranging from online fraud prevention to merchant account vendors and validation services.

Here is a link to The Merchant Risk Council.

Litle & Co. is one of the most respected companies in payment management and processing platform providers. This article has some sanguine advice for all merchants looking to improve their continuity billing practices. If you do continuity, this is a must read article. on how your processor can help you mine more money from your campaign

Litle & Co – click here to visit their site (which is also chock full of great information)

If you are in need of a verification service, please make sure to check the link below. TargusInfo provides one of the most complete solutions in the processing space and can assist you with a rigorous review of your online transaction fraud exposure. I highly recommend them to anyone who does not have validation in place for lead generation or direct sale campaigns. Here is a great article on how validation can actually help increase revenues.

Lastly, if you are in need of a shopping cart that can help you increase conversions by offering one step upsells and a host of other features that can help you increase your Average Revenue per Initial Order (ARIS), I highly recommend using Cydec. They have a rock solid platform, and the user interface has just been revamped and makes it easier than ever for an online merchant to take transactions easily, with or without their own merchant account (they can also hook up to PayPal.) The setup is quick and easy and their prices are very reasonable. Terrific for information based products as well.

The site is brand new and they are not even really open to the public, but you can see the product demo for Cydec here.

If you are a reseller or an agency, they have also built a white label program for you to resell as your own to your clients, which can be a very powerful tool as you can offer a 1 stop solution for your advertiser clients. Here is a link to the Cydec Private Label Reseller Program.

I hope these resources help you to shape a more complete fraud prevention policy and approach to your transactions. Fraud will never be eliminated, but it can be minimized with rock solid practices and trusted partners.

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