The Insider Game – Building The Perfect CPA Campaign for Advertisers

Jim Lillig's Insider Game CPA Advertiser Webinar

Are you pissed? I am.

For the past several years, after I sold my shares in the company I started back in ’97, SK Intertainment (the owners of the wildy popular I looked around for the next hottest trend. And I thought I had found it in Performance Marketing. But alas, I was wrong.

I found that using the campaigns I found in Commission Junction and LinkShare totally unfocused and for the most part a waste of time. Why? Well, I can tell you it hinged on several key elements of the campaign sales funnels including:

  • Pages with phone numbers on them and no way to track sales through the phone
  • Pages with multiple links on them, which to me seemed like “holes in the bucket” that the traffic I was sending would just slip right through.
  • Sales funnels that did nothing to focus the end user on the goal of buying a product
  • And worst of all, crappy percentage based payouts

Then Jason Wolfe opened up DirectTrack and everyone with a decent offer and a list of affiliates (and there weren’t that many decent offers) became an instant mini-CJ. That was the beginning of CPA Networks as we know them today.

And now there are well over 300 Cost per Action networks that publishers have access to. Some are more of an agency/network model that provide services to Advertisers such as creative services, list management and media buying as well as finding high quality publishers to drive traffic to their offers. Others are mostly interested in cross-publishing (cross pubbing) campaigns from other networks. Both models are necessary for this space.

But what really pisses me off is that there just aren’t enough good offers to go around. In fact the track record of most campaigns is dismal. Why?

I have to attribute it to the fact that no one really does any testing or optimization. In my last two positions, with Offeratti and most recently the soon to be shuttered ownership challenged ClickFusion (for another post), my main objective was to build campaigns from scratch that converted. And how do you do this you ask? The old fashioned way, you test it and tweak it until it outperforms everything else in the market.

And if you do this Jim, what will happen? Well you get CPA networks to take it on as a cross-published campaign and you can (if you know what the F**k you are doing) create a perfect storm of distribution and walk away with an unending stream of sales or leads, whichever you are after.

But it doesn’t end at the landing page, which is where most advertisers and wannabe advertisers fall short. It really is all about the backend funnel. That is, what happens after the initial sale or lead generation. This is where the best advertisers understand how to take a fresh buyer or lead and push them through a carefully orchestrated series of pages and links with two goals in mind.

First, to increase the ARIS (Average Revenue for Initial Sale). And secondly, to increase the LCV (Lifetime Customer Value).

There are lots of other factors as well that go into a highly profitable campaign that has legs in the CPA Marketplace. These include:

  • reducing the incidence of fraud
  • increasing the amount of immediate upsells and cross sells in the shopping cart
  • the right pricing structure
  • compliance with FTC guidelines
  • the right copy and feel for the page based on the channel the traffic came from (i.e. someone searching in PPC enters the buying process with a different mindset as opposed to someone who came in through an email or a banner click – knowing this difference can almost ensure success with publishers and networks)
  • the right paperwork and how to control how the offer is distributed and to whom

There are loads more. And this is where my ire is centered. Too many networks out there today simply throw up a campaign hoping it will work, instead of knowing it will work.

So I am going to do something about it. For the first time in my 26 year career in Marketing (13 of those years spent in online marketing) I am going to do a webinar.

I am going to expose the “Insider Game” that CPA network heads don’t want you to know about. They don’t want you to know the secret to their successful campaigns because they think you will start your own network and become competition. Well, that’s a little far sighted in my opinion, but to my knowledge no one who has built and run CPA Networks has come out and given up the formula to a winning campaign.

Sure there’s a few other guys who know the game from the publisher standpoint, but no one has ever given the straight dope from the networks side. What the networks look for and how you get them coming to you to run your campaigns. One guy even claims to make $25K a day for his work! And he has never had a successful campaign run in any networks to my knowledge.

So here’s the deal, go watch this video.

It’s short so you don’t have to waste a lot of time. I am launching a Free “Insider Game” webinar, where I will show you how to build the perfect offer for the hottest niches out there. You won’t get this information anywhere else and you certainly would have to pay someone a decent sum of coin for them to reveal these secret insider insights. But not on Thursday March 25th at 9 PM EST, because you will already be registered for this totally free event.

The webinar will cover all the basics of launching an offer in CPA networks and will even include a good amount of time devoted to Q & A. So bring your questions and I will personally do my best to answer all of them.

There are limited spaces, so you will want to get in early. Once all the spots are taken, I will not be opening any new ones. See you at the “Insider Game” webinar.


Jim Lillig, is an accomplished online marketing professional and entrepreneur. His eclectic assemblage of companies and projects gives a new insight into eCommerce tactics and strategy. A pioneering online marketer, Jim has pushed the envelope and found the edges of online marketing to be fertile ground for those who are willing to be bold and set a trail of success. He has authored many performance marketing articles as well as being a featured speaker and panelist at some of the industry’s largest events. Uniquely qualified with over 20 years of online marketing experience and 35 years of brand marketing know-how, Jim delivers innovative fresh approaches for both B2B and B2C clients.

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