New SMS Survey Service Puts Your Company in Customers Pockets

An SMS Survey Service?  What the H? I mean don’t our mobile phones already have too many things going on, and now you want me to answer this sms survey service text messages?

Well actually yes, and so do a lot of your customers.  mTelligence is making it a lot easier for your company to be  “in the pocket” by providing a new sms survey service gives customers coupons and discounts for their feedback.

I LOVE SMS Marketing.  SMS marketing puts you where 95% of messages get opened and read. Compare that with eMail which only gets a 12% to 20% open rate (and that’s if they like you).

Problem is, most companies get freaked out by using sms because they think it is an intrusion, and the way most companies do it, it really is. But for smart companies looking to let their customers know about their latest deals and specials, sms is a revenue generator like no other.  And the way mTelligence’s sms survey service does it, by engaging present customers to answer a short mobile based survey through their phone, is actually quite brilliant.

Examples of how an sms survey service can work for your small business.

Example 1: Coffee Shop customer answers survey on which flavors of scones they like by scanning a Qr link at the counter.  Once they answer the mobile device optimized survey, they are sent a coupon via text and by email for their next purchase.  Engagement = Repeat Customer

Example 2: Promotional Products Company wants to sell an overload of polo shirts and increase loyalty.  Promo company sends out email and post card to ask customers what their favorite style of polo shirt id for company logo wear.  For answering the survey they are sent a time sensitive coupon to get 50% off logo wear.

These are just a few examples of how an sms survey service can work for your business. Know what your client’s hot buttons are and what they are willing to reveal about their interests, like and dislikes will greatly speed up how fast this tool will be adopted by your customers.

Free Trial of  new sms survey service only for a limited time.

Give sms’ing your customers a survey a shot.  There’s a free trial for a limited time, so why not?  It will amaze you how responsive clients are when you give them a reason to be. Don’t think your business can benefit? Well then you probably just aren’t being creative about how you approach their needs. Every business has something their customers need to know about, whether it is interest rates, new property listings or even flash wine sales.

Give it a shot and step out of the ordinary, sms can make your business relevant to your customers.

Happy Marketing.




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