Small Businesses Data Breach

Small Business Data Breach … It’s More Prevalent Than You Think

Small businesses in the US today are being attacked by hackers on an ever increasing scale. The latest reports show that nearly 20% of small businesses have experienced some form of data breach to their systems. This may come in the form of an insider threat, but more than likely it is outside threats such as hackers installing malicious software on their systems.

Below I have included a number of resources for you to review regarding the prevalence of data breaches in the SMB community.

SMB Data Breach How To Protect Your Businesses Data From Cyber Criminals

A white paper from IdentityIntact for Businessâ„ ¢ white paper

Only You Can Prevent a Data Breach

Only 27% of small business owners take measures to ensure their data is protected from breaches.

Data breach can hurt reputation

Any company that collects or retains sensitive or confidential information needs to ensure it’s protecting that data from leaks or theft, as a breach can have long-lasting, costly consequences, a study from the Ponemon Institute suggests.

Unisys Security Index Shows Americans Will Take Action against Organizations That Compromise Their Personal Data

Americans will go to great lengths to avoid identity theft, and many say they would take legal action against government or private organizations that compromise their personal data, according to new research conducted by Unisys Corporation

Firms lose 12% of their brand value from data breaches, survey finds

Companies that experience a major data breach lose on average 12% of their brand’s value, according to a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Experian Data Breach Resolution.


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