Affiliate Summit 2006 East Lessons Learned From the Adult Playbook

98% of people who visit your site do NOT buy from you! Let them go? Hell No! Co-opetition is a strategy derived from an adult industry practice of leading non-buying visitors to competitor’s offers and profiting in the process. This session will explore how brands, merchants and affiliates can effectively use online co-opetition strategies to improve their edge over their competition, get paid for doing market and optimization research and lead to additional revenue generating opportunities. The second half of the session will explore the Comparison Site Strategy in which a merchant or affiliate employs a “ranking and rating” Web site to dramatically improve PPC and organic search campaign conversion percentages. First used in online adult affiliate circles, merchants and affiliates in almost any niche can benefit from using a Comparison Site model to entice users to convert to customers with fantastic success. WARNING: Prolonged use of these high level strategies will lead to intense profits.